How often should you check your tyre pressure?


It is suggested that you should check your tyre pressure every fortnight and you must always check your tyres before commencing on a road trip, even if it’s 2hrs away!

Now, the fun part, where and how?

Most service stations have complimentary facilities for you to do so.
It’s best to make sure your tyres are cool because there is a possibility you may can an inaccurate reading. If you can find a service station 2kms from your house, so they don’t have enough driving time to get too hot, you should be okay! If you can’t be bothered doing so at your local service station, you can also buy an air pressure gauge from an auto store such as Autobarn or Supercheap Auto (Australian Stores)

1. Inside the driver’s side door, there will be a placard that will show the front and rear tyre pressure recommendations. In some vehicles, the front and rear will be different. This number is the minimum PSI (pounds per square inch) suggested by the manufacturer.

2. Find the valve stem cap, which is the little pointy thing on the tyre, it’s usually black or silver and looks just the same as a bike stem cap. Unscrew an don’t loose it!

3. There’s only one loose end of an air pressure gauge, that’s the bit you’ll need to connect to the valve stem. Push it on firmly and make sure it’s airtight, if it’s not, you will hear air escaping like a balloon, just readjust and find the right spot.

Some service stations may have a digital gauge and you may need to hit a button for the reading to show, some will do it automatically but it won’t take very long to figure out.

4. Check the reading and if its correct, move on to the next tyre, If it’s low, add air until the gauge shows the correct air pressure. If it’s high, release the air pressure gauge from the valve stem slightly until you hear air escaping. Release the desired amount of air then remove the gauge.

5. Place the cap back on. and guess what, you checked and adjusted your tyres air pressure. Now onto the next Every now an again, check your spare tyre too, it’s not very important to you when it’s flat.