How do you change a car tyre?


It’s that dreaded feeling that comes with driving a car. As much as we avoid the thought in our heads, it can happen. So it’s best to know what you need to do if you have to change a tyre.

Step 1: Pull over in a safe and flat spot, away from traffic if you can and put your hazard lights on

Step 2: If you have an automatic, put your car into park. If you have a manual, put your car into first gear.

Step 3: Get all items you need, out of your car. Generally all cars have a spare tyre, mini tool box, and a car jack in their boot.

Step 4: Use the wrench to loosen the nuts on the wheel

Step 5: Use the car jack to lift up the car, all cars have different spots to put the jack to ensure the car won’t get damaged, it’s best to put the jack closer to the middle of the car and not directly on the outside. You want the tyre to be at least 6 inches off the ground.

Step 6: Fully remove the nuts and put them in a safe place so the don’t go missing in the process, also remove the tyre

Step 7: Place the new tyre on the car and screw in the nuts – tight enough so they can’t go any further

Step 8: Lower the car back to ground with the car jack

Step 9: You can now tighten the nuts. Rather than tightening them one by one in order, start with one nut, tighten it about 50%, move to the opposite nut (across the circle) and tighten that one about the same amount. Keep tightening opposite lug nuts gradually in turn until each nut is as tight as it can be.

Step 10: Put the flat tyre back into your car and all of the tools, When possible, book in to your local tyre fitter and have a new tyre put onto the car to ensure you always have a spare.

If all else fails, call your dad and he’ll do it for you!