What actually happens when you get your car serviced?

Have you ever wondered what actually happens when you get your car serviced? It’s easy enough for us to drop off our car and pick it up in a few hours, but what happens during that time?
Depending on where you get your car serviced, there sometimes may be different options you can go with, these may include a standard service (or otherwise known as a interim service) or a full service (Major service).

Depending on how new/old your car is, will determine how often you should get it serviced. If you have an older car, it’s best to have an oil and filter change every six months or 10,000km, whichever comes first.

When a car is undergoing a standard service, the following checks and replacements occur (this may vary depending on your car make, model, which scheduled service is being done and where your car is being serviced)
• Oil and Oil Filter Replacement
• Coolant
• Power Steering Fluid
• Windscreen wipers
• Battery Condition
• Exhaust System
• Full Brake Check
• Shock Absorbers Check
• Suspension Check
• Brake Fluid
• Windscreen Wash
• Lights
• Charging System
• Tyre thread & pressure
• Steering Check
• Suspension Check

During a full service, the above checks and replacements occur as well as:
• Wheel Alignment Check
• Auxiliary Check
• Air Filter
• Spark Plugs (Petrol)
• Fuel Filter (Diesel)
• Brake Fluid Condition
• Wheel Balance
• Wheel Bearing Check